Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sleep Training

I know that I am bias, but we have two very good little girls when it comes to sleeping and taking naps. Since the first few months, the girls had been taking naps on my wife's lap as she enjoyed the quiet time with the girls. However, things have changed recently as now we are working on taking naps in our cribs. I am so blessed that my wife is able to stay home with the girls as we work on the Cry It Out (CIO) process. I am also fortunate that I work from home and can assist when possible. But it definitely has been an ordeal that we are still not done with yet. I am always willing to take some advise if anyone has any to offer! Wish us luck!!


  1. Hey Chris, I am wishing you guys luck with the whole "sleeping" thing. We are kind of struggling with that too. Our kids were sleeping through the night like champs and then they ended up sick and things have never been the same. The one thing we are currently struggling with during the night is how we let one of them cry without waking the other, ugh! We obviously want to let them cry to soothe themselves back to sleep, but then we don't want two babies that are awake! Again, I wish you luck. The CIO process is much harder on the parents than the kiddos :)

  2. Hi Holli,

    Thanks for comment. It is getting better...finally. Kenzie goes down with a few cries for a minute or two and Lexie still fights it but not as bad as it used to be. For us the key is to keep them seperated until they are both completely out. You are right...the CIO process is definitely harder for the parents.

    Take Care,


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