Monday, December 5, 2011

List of "10 Alternatives to Facebook for Young Kids" from

Facebook is currently the #1 social media site everyone is surfing and companies are using to advertise. Facebook is GREAT to keep in touch with your friends all over the country and to know what amazing sales are going on. However, its a family decision to make when your kid is ready to join the "Facebook" world. The company requires you to be 13 yrs old. However, we've heard from a lot of our friends & seen on the news the "social bullying" that can occur on social media sites. No matter what age, parents should monitor Facebook usage, messages posts, privacy, and friend connects. has written an amazing article that offers 10 other options for kids to use online versus Facebook. Check them out below for some alternative ideas.

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"When you sign up for Facebook it will tell you that you should be over the age of 13 to be on Facebook. I know some parents have allowed their kids to get an account earlier than that, but there is a lot out there that is not appropriate for kids to know at 13 let alone under it. Don’t give in to your child that keeps harping that they want to go on Facebook. There are alternatives out there, but they may not be exactly the same. Check out 10 alternatives to Facebook for young kids."

  1. Scuttlepad

  2. Togetherville


  4. Webkinz

  5. Yoursphere

  6. Club penguin

  7. Franktown Rocks

  8. Giant Hello

  9. Girlsense

  10. Imbee

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