Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our First Letter From Igi

We got our 1st letter from our child we sponsored through the Compassion program! His name is Igi from Rwanda and he's 9 yrs old. His mom wrote the letter below and then it was translated for us. We were soooo excited to read it tonight! Such perfect timing before Christmas to just warm our hearts! His mom told us what a difference we were making for him and their family! Simply AWESOME!!!!

Letter says...."Dear Friend, Igi and family greet you, we thank you for you agreed to sponsor him, may God bless you. We live in northern province of Rwanda near the border with Uganda and Nwhabura volcano. We plant beans, potatoes, and corn. Igi likes studying, playing dice, playing wheels, and riding bicycles. He completed P.3 (3rd grade). He was the 3rd for the whole year and he will start P.4. Pray for his family because our house is old so God may enable us to build another one, ourselves. Cannot afford it, we even have a tiny piece of land and we live on cultivation. We need your news, your picture, and may God protect you always."

It is an amazing feeling to make a difference in some one's life. I can't even start to explain how awesome this connection feels! :)

Igi drew us a bicycle!

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