Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Walk a Mile in my Shoes

My wife posted this on her blog ( and I thought it was great and wanted to share...

As a parent, we have a 24/7 job. Its REWARDING but its the toughest challenge I've encountered in my life! Before I was a parent I had no idea what I was in for. The time commitment, exhaustion, emotional worry if my kids were ok, the challenge of each stage from getting the girls to just take a bottle to eating solids to overcoming tantrums (if that ever happens) to just keeping them happy! Its the BEST job in the world!!! I can't imagine life without my kids!
I've lost a few friendships over the past couple years because I wasn't able to give those people "enough attention." Most didn't have kids and I just felt like they couldn't understand my new life. Having kids is the most wonderful experience but I'm not able to just run out the door after dinner to meet a friend. I have a new responsibility, its called getting my twin toddlers down to bed happily & keeping them safe. I'm not just responsible for myself, I'm responsible for my daughters and my family's well being. I love it! I really LOVE all the new Mommy friends I've met along the way that have offered me support & encouragement these past two years.
This quote made me smile, its so true! Lets offer love, understanding, and grace to those around us. Unless you've walked a mile in their shoes you have NO idea what they are going through.

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