Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Seven Things I wish I could say to Ever Single Male by Perry Noble

I enjoy getting emails from Perry Noble and feel like his messages are very valuable.  I agree with all he has to say in this list of things that men need to realize in their relationship with women.
#1 - If you are going to be like Jesus in the life of a woman then you will bring more order and peace to her life rather than confusion and chaos.  The best way you can do this is to have your own life in order!!! 

#2 - Jesus was always seeking to elevate and value women, not pursue them for His own selfish gain and then throw them away when He was done with them.  Pursuing a woman isn't seeing what you can get from her but rather how you can esteem and value her in every circumstance. 

#3 - Purity isn't natural...our minds (if left unguarded) will always lead us towards doing things that we know we should not do.  With that in mind purity in a relationship MUST be fought for...and you MUST lead that fight.  You should NEVER see how far you can take things and then depend on her to tell you to stop when she is uncomfortable!  You've GOT to be the one to lead the way in this!

#4 - One of the BEST things you can do as you prepare to pursue a wife is begin asking Jesus to allow you to see women through His eyes! 

#5 - PLEASE do not EVER pull the "God told me we were going to get married" card on her!!!  ESPECIALLY if she is trying to break up with you!!!  When you do this she does not think you are spiritual...she thinks you're weird and she will begin avoiding your calls!!! 

#6 - A guy who does not have to pay for a date with money his mother gave him is WAY more attractive than the guy that does!!! 

#7 - Watch the way you speak TO & ABOUT women right now!!!  If you constantly degrade them and/or raise your voice to them when you don't seem to be getting your way then something is broken inside of you that you really need to deal with.  Being harsh with a woman has serious consequences (see I Peter 3:7!) 

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