Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let's take a swim!!

We had our very first swimming lesson with the girls this evening. We were in the “Tots” group with six other little ones and had a great time. The girls really enjoyed their time in the water which definitely made it easier for the parents. We started off by using watering cans to “water” different parts of their body and get them used to the water. Then we used rubber ducks, which the girls love to get them to reach and pull. We would throw the duck out in front of them and they would doggie paddle as we held them to get the duck. Lastly, we did some back floats and then free time in the pool. One of our girls took in a little bit too much water and spit up a bit, but fortunately the teacher hid it from the life guards so they didn’t have to clear out the pool…boy that would be embarrassing!! Overall we had a great time and I feel lucky to spend time with my daughters and build that trust with them. I am glad we are getting them started at 1 so they will begin to enjoy the water.

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