Sunday, July 24, 2011

Live Life Backwards - R.I.P Rachael Beckwith

Our church family encountered a very tragic loss this week. Rachel Beckwith, a enthusiastic selfless, loving 9 year old lost her life in a car accident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family as they try to cope with this loss. Our service at Church today was very difficult, but inspiring at the same time. For her 9th Birthday Rachel give it up for donations to Charity Water so people in Africa could get clean drinking water. Her goal was $300, and unfortunately she came up just short of her goal and said that next year she will start earlier and increase the amount she can raise. Her amazing generosity has influenced others to give and now her total is at $40,000 and rising. Pastor Jeremy said it best this morning when he said that Rachel lived her life backwards and her ripples of love and caring will contine well beyond her life.

If you would like to see her page see this link...

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